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Creepy crawly centipedes are a source of new high-strength painkillers

I’m dreading the day I get knocked up, since I know that my incredibly low pain threshold will have trouble dealing with the crazy horror that is childbirth. That’s why I was overjoyed to hear of some new research from … Continue reading

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Zinc takes the sting out of jellyfish venom

For me, there are three extremely good reasons never to go to Australia – huge furry-bodied poisonous spiders, venomous lightning fast snakes and sharks with great mouthfuls of serrated teeth. After reading a recent article, I am now happy to … Continue reading

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New painkillers from black mamba venom?

After being bitten by a poisonous snake, you can probably imagine that having a good amount of venom coursing through your veins is a pretty painful process. And indeed, that is the case with many snakes, such as the Texas … Continue reading

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