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Fresh air is good for your brain

Breathe in. Then breathe out. This wonderful process of ventilation keeps us alive: an inhalation of oxygen helps our cells generate energy, while an exhalation of carbon dioxide removes their waste products. Carbon dioxide, or CO2, has something of a … Continue reading


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The death of well-fed salt marshes

Salt marshes are important ecosystems that form a dividing line between land and sea. They are typically structured as a mud or sand flat that is colonised by salt-tolerant plants that can cope with being submerged twice a day, such … Continue reading

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Tomarto or Tomehto: both are good against strokes

I used to absolutely hate tomatoes when I was young. In fact, I remember smuggling them out of my packed lunch and into my favourite dinner lady’s obliging mouth during my primary school days. As I got older, I saw … Continue reading

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New painkillers from black mamba venom?

After being bitten by a poisonous snake, you can probably imagine that having a good amount of venom coursing through your veins is a pretty painful process. And indeed, that is the case with many snakes, such as the Texas … Continue reading

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