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Watching it Burn: Soil Microbes vs. Wildfires

Wildfires can devastate ecosystems across the world. In 2012, over 67,000 wildfires raced across more than 9 million acres of land in the US alone. Fuelled by wind and parched vegetation, wildfires burn through everything in their path: plants don’t … Continue reading

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Antibiotics release death sugars that help bad bugs to grow

In the 1940’s, antibiotics were hailed as wonder drugs. “Syphilis is now curable!”, ran the posters. Yet in modern times, several dark sides of these drugs have come to light. The widespread overuse of antibiotic therapy has driven the emergence … Continue reading

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The death of well-fed salt marshes

Salt marshes are important ecosystems that form a dividing line between land and sea. They are typically structured as a mud or sand flat that is colonised by salt-tolerant plants that can cope with being submerged twice a day, such … Continue reading

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