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Balancing modern and ancient anti-viral immunity

The human genome is stuffed full of ancient retrovirus genomes, a heritable legacy of ancestral infections. These pieces of DNA are dynamic elements, and can hop around the human genome and drive its ongoing diversification. Mostly, though, they are kept … Continue reading


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Antibiotics release death sugars that help bad bugs to grow

In the 1940’s, antibiotics were hailed as wonder drugs. “Syphilis is now curable!”, ran the posters. Yet in modern times, several dark sides of these drugs have come to light. The widespread overuse of antibiotic therapy has driven the emergence … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Impenetrable American Bedbug

Most of us are quite content to share our beds with a partner or a kitty, but are less inclined to extend the same warm welcome to the common bedbug, Cimex lectularius. These parasitic insects, which feed exclusively on blood, … Continue reading

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Making Pretty, Meaty, Friendly Animals (on Scientific American)

Head on over to Scientific American to read our second guest blog post!

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Supporting Miss. Muffet in the sixth millenium BC

I love cheese. Oh, how I do. Hard cheese, soft cheese, hole-y cheese, crumbly cheese, squidgy cheese – all of them will find a warm and welcoming home in my mouth. While deliciousness alone seals the place of cheese at … Continue reading

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