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Zinc takes the sting out of jellyfish venom

For me, there are three extremely good reasons never to go to Australia – huge furry-bodied poisonous spiders, venomous lightning fast snakes and sharks with great mouthfuls of serrated teeth. After reading a recent article, I am now happy to … Continue reading

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British Sheep vs. Chernobyl Radiation

The explosion of reactor number four of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 is widely regarded as the worst radiation disaster in human history. The radioactive fallout spread from Northern Ukraine throughout Northern Europe, dispersing large quantities of radioactive … Continue reading

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Official Business

We are extremely pleased to announce that from 18th December 2012, mmmbitesizescience will be hosted on! The SciLogs platform offers daily doses of science, and is supported by and published in association with For those of you … Continue reading

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Sea creatures dissolve as oceans acidify

There’s little doubt that increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through human industry contribute to the changing of the Earth’s climate. Excess CO2 is absorbed by our ocean’s, changing their chemical composition and driving more blustery ocean winds that force deeper … Continue reading

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Forensic evidence links badgers and cows in British tuberculosis infections

Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is a serious disease that threatens the health of livestock, wildlife, and the agricultural economy, particularly in the United Kingdom. Although every cow in the UK is subjected to a yearly bTB test, with those testing positive … Continue reading

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