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Clouds of decoy viruses help cure genetic disease

The presence of foreign objects, like viruses, in our bloodstream is usually a bad thing. Evolution has created some extremely efficient immune cells that patrol the blood, seeking out material that should not be there, and shutting it down. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Gene therapy using stem cells prevents inherited diseases

Originally written for The Conversation. Genetic traits like a bulbous nose or balding give some people reasons to moan about what they inherited from their parents. But more serious genetic flaws can cause debilitating disease. Now, Italian researchers have come … Continue reading

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MESSENGER spacecraft helps uncover Mercury’s pummelled past

In our solar system, Mercury is the teeniest planet, and nestles closest to the sun. Understanding how Mercury developed as the solar system formed is an intriguing question for space science, and a surprising amount of information can be uncovered … Continue reading

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