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Antibiotics release death sugars that help bad bugs to grow

In the 1940’s, antibiotics were hailed as wonder drugs. “Syphilis is now curable!”, ran the posters. Yet in modern times, several dark sides of these drugs have come to light. The widespread overuse of antibiotic therapy has driven the emergence … Continue reading


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Antibiotics hit your gut microbes hard

These days, most doctor’s are acutely aware of the problems of overprescribing antibiotics. Historically given as more of a placatory gesture – ‘I have to prescribe something, else this patient will think I’m an incompetent buffoon’ – their overuse almost … Continue reading

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Colonised livestock transmit MRSA to farmers

These days, most people are aware of the increasing threat of antibiotic resistance, where bacteria that cause human disease become resistant to antibiotic therapy. This change is at least partially driven by the overprescription of antibiotics. Even our most robust … Continue reading

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Antibiotics, resistance and MRSA, oh my!

The overuse of antibiotics, both in humans and other animals, has applied a selective pressure driving the development of bacterial drug resistance. But few people realise that bacteria in the environment naturally express an impressive cocktail of drug resistance genes, … Continue reading

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