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Vaccine delivers an immune double whammy to fight tuberculosis

Vaccination is a hugely important public health intervention, perhaps the biggest in the history of mankind. While many childhood diseases are now effectively controlled by immunisation programs (as long as parents vaccinate their kids), there is still no effective vaccine … Continue reading

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Colonised livestock transmit MRSA to farmers

These days, most people are aware of the increasing development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria that cause human disease, which is at least partially driven by the overprescription of antibiotics. Even our most robust antibiotics, active against a wide range … Continue reading

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Bat vs. Marburg virus: A Seasonal Struggle

Marburg is a highly infectious virus from the family Filoviridae (which includes Ebola virus), and is associated with a high fatality rate (~90%) and severe haemorrhagic symptoms. Originally described in simultaneous outbreaks in Germany and Serbia in 1967, it is … Continue reading

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