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Kiss Me Under the Parasitic Angiosperm

Mistletoe is held in high regard at this time of year. No Christmas decorations are complete without a garland of cheerful mistletoe hanging on the door, or suspended prettily from the rafters as an incentive for festive romance. In nature, … Continue reading

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Fish parasite inspires sticky surgical tissue patch

Surgeons still find it tricky to quickly and reliably stick a wet, slippery organ back together during invasive procedures. The currently available selection of ‘stick-you-together’ products – staples and chemical glues – do a decent job, but make a bit … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Impenetrable American Bedbug

Most of us are quite content to share our beds with a partner or a kitty, but are less inclined to extend the same warm welcome to the common bedbug, Cimex lectularius. These parasitic insects, which feed exclusively on blood, … Continue reading

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The journey to parasite egg paradise

The parasite, Schistosoma mansoni, is a remarkably cunning and efficient worm. It spends the first part of its life infecting freshwater snails, where it vigorously multiplies to bulk up numbers. This parasite army then marches out of the snail and … Continue reading

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Parasite Philosophy: Just Keep Swimming!

Lots of microorganisms can survive in remarkably difficult conditions – bacteria can bloom in hot springs at 80°C, archaea live around hydrothermal vents reaching a toasty 113°C, while viruses can survive in the Arctic sea ice. For human pathogens, only … Continue reading

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