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Using CAR-transduced Tregs to suppress autoimmune disease

New research from a team of Israeli scientists has found that CAR-transduced regulatory T cells (Tregs) can be used to suppress autoimmune disease. In the images above, mice with colitis (inflammation of the colon, seen as the angry red blotches … Continue reading

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Two Cancer Immunotherapy Targets are Better Than One

In cancer patients undergoing adoptive T cell therapy, T cells that recognise and react to an abundant protein fragment expressed by a tumour cell are infused into the bloodstream. These protein fragments are known as tumour-associated antigens. Because cancers are … Continue reading

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Using Viruses to Tune T Cell Functionality

As we have learned more about the world of microbes, it’s become clear that it’s possible to use bacteria and viruses as treatments against disease. But although microbes often work incredibly well at protecting against infections or attacking tumours, we … Continue reading

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Parasite proves proficient at immune scooping

As T cells bumble around our bodies, they are constantly on stand-by to recognise pathogenic target proteins. These pieces of protein are presented to T cells for inspection by other immune cells, known as antigen-presenting cells (APCs). The T cells … Continue reading

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Childhood obesity linked to poor vaccine protection

Obese adults are at a greater risk of getting infected by – and dying from – influenza viruses like the pandemic H1N1. So, it’s probably very important for obese individuals to get their flu shot each year. Yet interesting research … Continue reading

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