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Childhood obesity linked to poor vaccine protection

Obese adults are at a greater risk of getting infected by – and dying from – influenza viruses like the pandemic H1N1. So, it’s probably very important for obese individuals to get their flu shot each year. Yet interesting research … Continue reading

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Leaky oncolytic viruses linked to better anti-tumour outcomes

There is currently a real push in the field of oncolytic virotherapy to create tightly cancer-targeted viruses that minimise side-effects in normal healthy tissues. Yet new research from North Carolina State University suggests that using a less stringently targeted virus … Continue reading

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Huge new database finds early transcriptional programs driving vaccine immunity

In recent years, scientists have made huge progress in furthering our understanding of how the immune system works, and applying this knowledge to vaccine design. Yet we are still pretty much in the dark about what makes a “good” vaccine. … Continue reading

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Exosomes may promote cancer spread after radiation therapy

Exosomes are small vesicles that are packed full of microRNAs, proteins, lipids and other biological molecules that get released from most cells in the body. In different biological settings, exosomes can be considered as little bubbles of joy or little … Continue reading

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A genetic blueprint of influenza virus

Currently, scientists can easily manipulate the genetic codes and epigenetic markers of viruses. This can help us to come up with innovative new ways to protect against serious pathogens like influenza virus, which can cause debilitating and even fatal infections. … Continue reading

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