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Bat vs. Marburg virus: A Seasonal Struggle

Marburg is a highly infectious virus from the family Filoviridae (which includes Ebola virus), and is associated with a high fatality rate (~90%) and severe haemorrhagic symptoms. Originally described in simultaneous outbreaks in Germany and Serbia in 1967, it is … Continue reading

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Sanofi-Pasteur’s dengue vaccine shows promise, and an almost unhealthy dash of intrigue

Dengue virus, which is carried by insect vectors such as mosquitoes, represents a severe public health threat in an expanding number of countries, including South America, South-East Asia, Mexico and Africa. While the majority of individuals exposed to dengue virus … Continue reading

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Cool bananas! – genetically speaking

Scientists at the Université d’Evry in France have sequenced the genome of the wild banana, Musa acuminata, the species that gave rise to the commonly eaten Cavendish and other varieties. The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant, whose … Continue reading

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