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Chilly temperatures help cancers grow

At low temperatures, the human body has a hard time. As the cold sets in, blood vessels constrict to maintain heat and some body parts – like fingers and toes – begin to suffer. Metabolism ramps up to fight the … Continue reading

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Creepy crawly centipedes are a source of new high-strength painkillers

I’m dreading the day I get knocked up, since I know that my incredibly low pain threshold will have trouble dealing with the crazy horror that is childbirth. That’s why I was overjoyed to hear of some new research from … Continue reading

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How to: boost resistance to tuberculosis

Most kiddies receive the very effective Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine against tuberculosis during childhood, but as they grow up, the protection afforded by this vaccine wanes. Since cases of adult TB are on the rise, receiving an immune upgrade would … Continue reading


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A Marvellous Month of Science

Taking vitamin supplements might not be as healthy as you think Antioxidant vitamins, like vitamin C and E, are thought to boost health by reducing the creation of DNA-damaging free radicals that can contribute to the ageing process. In lab … Continue reading

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Clouds of decoy viruses help cure genetic disease

The presence of foreign objects, like viruses, in our bloodstream is usually a bad thing. Evolution has created some extremely efficient immune cells that patrol the blood, seeking out material that should not be there, and shutting it down. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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